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Arctica Showcase supermarket equipment

Arctica Showcase provides a variety of different supermarket equipment. For instance, the RHS Stealth is a modern and sleek merchandiser that provides multiple levels of display as well as a state of the art and ample storage room. Its display levels can be used in order to change merchandising applications recommended for grab and go snacks, as well as beverages, desserts, and bakery foods. It also has a height of 54 inches, and a depth of 35.63 inches. Furthermore, we also sell the RHM Matrix. It is designed to be highly aesthetically pleasing and can be used to promote high end desserts and pastries. It has a height of 50 inches and a depth of 30.5 inches.

In addition, the SLS combination is a merchandiser that is designed for retailers that need to frequently change merchandise on a routine basis. It also boasts a full serve section and a self service section that allows it be a viable option for virtually any operator. It is strongly recommended for pastries, wrapped sandwiches, and beverages, and has a depth of 32 inches.

Arctica Showcase is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured manufacturer and designer of state of the art and future proofed supermarket equipment. We stand by each and every product that we sell, and provide a certified, written warranty with all of the equipment that we provide. We also provide a free, no obligation quote and consultation with each of our prospective clients so that they can openly discuss their unique needs without concern.

If you would like to learn more about us, or would like to browse through our supermarket equipment, please refer to our Arctica Urban Market page.